Posted: October 31, 2018

Words by Harriet Quick

Continuing our series ‘Real Women Wear Plaid’ we visited Kate Solomon, film producer (United 93, Green Zone, Legend, 7 Days in Entebbe) and co-founder of the Elysian Film Group, in her beautiful London home to discuss her style, inspirations, and, of course, plaid.

What’s are your memories of plaid?

A little ‘30s and Scottish – it feels ‘period.’ I wore a kilt as school uniform in brown and yellow. Lovely outfit!

In the film world, what is your uniform?

I wear trousers, a top by Markus Lupfer or Erdem and hi-top trainers. My husband, Hanns, gave me a Spike Lee 40 x Nike pair for my 40th birthday that I love. As I cycle everywhere I need to be comfy, I always wear a jacket or coat with big pockets because I don’t carry a handbag. If I was going for a crucial pitch, I’d wear something like my pussy bow blouse by Markus and if I wanted to be super smart I’d lose the trainers and go for gold flats by a shoe designer friend in Paris, Zoe Lee, who has a little shop in the Marais.

How has your style evolved?

At one point, I really wanted to be a fashion designer. Aged 14, I remember customising my tights and top with coloured embroidery thread that I wore with DMs, now I leave the designing to the experts! But I make a lot of things for my daughter and son as my mother did for me. It’s a cool way to learn about different textiles and cultures. Recently, we read up on India and went to Wembley where there is a big Asian community and amazing fabric shops – at home we created outfits with what we bought. My daughter loves sewing and has learnt to use a machine, in the summer with the mums from nursery we bought African wax print fabrics from Ridley Road market and made 60 dinosaur tails for the children to wear at the nursery fete. For the last decade my main style advisor has been my husband who is amazing and will arrive home with a Matches box containing the perfect outfit, he picks things I’d never have thought of and they always work, 80% of my wardrobe choices come from him…

What do you wear for the red carpet?

At the Entebbe premiere (2018) in New York, I wore a Markus Lupfer big faux fur coat to the ground and a Markus Lupfer print shirtdress with Folk boots. It was perfect as it was snowing outside and the coat was both uber glamourous and really warm. At the Berlinale in February, I donned a black cashmere embellished Markus Lupfer jumpsuit with silver heels. The films I make are based on real life events and they all relate to the world we’re living in now. On the red carpet you need to be clear in your communication and feel confident in what you’re wearing.

Images by Bernhard Deckert