Posted: November 4, 2020


Soft by nature and synonymous with luxury and comfort, cashmere is renowned for its unmistaken softness and unique breathable qualities – but what makes cashmere so luxurious and soft? 


The production of cashmere is said to have originated in the 13th Century, in the Kashmir regionFor centuriescashmere shawls were used by Indian and Iranian rulers for political and religious ceremonies. By the 18th Century, Europeans discovered the fabric and cashmere shawls were being imported, where they became immensely popular. 


The cashmere goat is found between Mongolia, Iran, Southwest China, Tibet, Afghanistan and Northern India. This nomadic breed develops soft and fleecy fibres underneath their coat, on the underbelly, due to the harsh below-freezing temperatures. It is this naturally soft hair that creates cashmere.  

When temperatures rise, the goat naturally shed its coat and that is when herders gently comb out the hairs from its fleece. The hairs are then sorted, cleaned, bailed and shipped all over the world. 


At Markus Lupfer, we only partner with cashmere producers that promote rational and selective breeding to ensure traditions are kept alive and that our cashmere is only of the finest quality. 

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