Posted: May 22, 2020


With all the time we’ve had inside, the Markus Lupfer team have been rummaging through our sewing kits and getting a bit creative.

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As lockdowns are beginning to ease around the world, it can be hard to get your hands on a face mask to safely leave your home.

So, we decided to create our own.

Just grab your needles or sewing machines and with the help of the instructions and pattern below:

you’ll have your mask in no time.


How to use:

Remember that this is not a medical mask. Wash your hands before and after use, and refrain from touching it once it’s on your face.

Wash after each wear.


What fabric to use:

Since the pattern uses two layers of fabric, it's a good idea to cut the inner layer using a different colour or pattern. That way, you can wear the same side near your mouth to add an extra bit of security.

We also recommended that you use a woven cotton or a poly-cotton mix for each layer and that you wash the fabric before getting started so that the material is clean and pre-shrunk before cutting.


How to make your mask using a pattern:

1. Print out pattern on A4 paper at 100% scale. The total mask pattern dimensions should be 23cm W x 20cm L


2. Pin the pattern to your fabric. Cut around the pattern including notches at the pleat lines.

3. Fold the pleat lines as marked on the pattern and iron to flatten them in place. Secure the pleats by stitching them down 0.5cm from edge. Tip: Use the blue stitch line on pattern for reference.

 4. You’ll need 4 ties for your mask. They should be around 1cm W x and 50cm L. Use ribbon or tape if you have them available, otherwise you can create your own ties using the instructions in the section titled “How to make your own ties”.

5. Place the inner and outer layers of your mask together with the right sides touching. Pin all 4 ties to the corners where X is marked on pattern.

6. Ensure that the ties are tucked between both layers and bag out the mask by stitching 1cm along short side edges.

7. Turn mask correct side out, and double turn 1cm to stitch the remaining top and bottom edges.

8. Topstitch 1cm along short side edges to help hold pleats down.

9. If you’re using ribbon or tape for ties, double turn ends to hide the raw edge.


How to make a mask without a pattern:

1. Cut two layers of fabric with the dimensions of 26cm W x 15cm L.

2. Stack each layer on top of each other lengthways.

3. Fold the top and bottom of the fabric by 0.6cm and stitch across.

4. Fold in both of the shorter sides by 1.5cm and stitch. Leave a gap to thread your ties through.

5. You’ll need two ties for your mask. They should be around 1cm W x 50cm L. Use ribbons or tape if you have them available or elastic at least 15cm long. You can also create your own ties using the instructions in the section called “How to make your own ties”.

6. Thread one of your ties through the hem on one side and tie the ends together. Repeat on the other side.

7. Adjust the mask to fit your face by gathering the sides and stitching the ties into place.


How to make your ties:

1. Start with fabric that’s around 4cm W x 52cm L.

2. Fold and iron 1cm on both long edges.

3. Fold and iron 1cm on one of the short edges (the other edge can be left raw and hidden inside the mask).

4. Fold the fabric in half along the length of the fabric and edge stitch closed to create a finished width of 1cm.


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