This Spring/Summer 2020, we’ve introduced our Iconic Lip to the art of embroidery…


French in name yet quintessentially British, Broderie Anglaise has a travelled history. Created during the 16th century in now Czech Republic, the technique is composed of cut-out eyelets with overcast stitching.

Traditionally depicting florals, the subtle patterns are formed by a monochromatic contrast between thread and fabric.


Popular in Victorian England, Broderie Anglaise quickly became synonymous with British fashion. From children’s clothing to women’s undergarments, the design was everywhere.

Forgotten for a brief time after, the pattern made a resurgence in the late 50’s and has remained in the sophisticate’s summer wardrobe since.


This season, we’ve added our own story to the fabric of Broderie Anglaise. Designed exclusively in our London studio, we’ve playfully contrasted the nostalgia of the pattern against the modernity of our signature Iconic Lip.

Ditching the dainty flowers for a look that’s slightly bolder.


Stitched onto a 100% cotton base in Italy, the embroidery decorates structured tees, tiered skirts and understated motifs to form this inventive micro collection.

Intricate in craft, delicate in design and thorough in detail, this is Broderie Anglaise reimagined…