Born out of a dream that Markus had, the ‘Crystal Parting’ is the perfect statement hair look for the party season. Brought to life by Tina Outen and her team for the Autumn/Winter 2018 presentation, hair is kept sleek and simple while the crystals laid along the parting add sparkle and elegance. 

Tina shared her tips for recreating the look so you can shine through the party season:

Being the focus we decided on a central parting, but a side parting or your natural parting could also look great.

The crystals came as a rope so were cut so size using jewellers wire cutters. Measure the crystals by lying them flat on the parting.

Blow dry hair on either side of the parting super flat using a strong mousse on top, and a softer conditioning mousse on the lengths to allow the hair to flow freely.

Layer another helping of strong mousse on top of the hair around the parting to create a hard shell-like finish.  Hair was wrapped in a hair scarf to get the hair as flat as possible, as the crystals are small and delicate any volume in the hair will mean the crystals get lost.

Once the hair was fully dry we used hair extension glue, as it’s designed for use on hair, to glue the crystals to the head.  This was done by painting the glue directly onto the crystals and then placing them on the scalp.  You will need help placing them as it’s difficult to see what you’re doing and the crystal rope moves as you handle it.  Top tip: have a go at placement before you add the glue to get a feel for what will happen.  The glue was then dried in place with a hairdryer on cold air. 

The crystals can be easily removed by gently pulling them, any residue of the glue on your scalp can be removed by rubbing hair conditioner onto it and then combing off.