Celebrating 20 years 1999-2019


Housed in Shoreditch, London since 1999, Markus Lupfer has always been inspired by the constantly evolving environment - urban and natural.


Each season, Founder, Creative Director and intrepid explorer, Markus Lupfer sets out his vision in words and images. Every decision we make is born of respect for those ideas; including hiring our global teams, nurturing our long-held and valued partnerships, sourcing responsibly and promoting our united belief that everything is connected.


Our Values





Markus has always embraced a gentler pace and increased respect for the world in which we live, and as such, designs to help people feel good, and in turn, do good. Inspired by the beautiful juxtaposition between modern and traditional, natural and urban, there is a passion for quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship reflected in each and every garment. This same passion extends to the Markus Lupfer community of employees, partners, and customers.



Innovation continually sits at the core of the business. The modern evolution of each collection balanced with the familiar, heritage iconic lip motif inspires a natural curiosity and an upbeat, feel good nature. We lead and encourage our community to explore new ideas that push the boundaries with each other, partners, and customers. We work with the environment, not against it, and by continuing to explore and source more sustainable materials, we hope to help protect it for the future.



Everything is connected and respect for all ideas, products and people is at the heart of everything we do and is extremely important to Markus. He nurtures and protects his brand, his collections, his staff and the partnerships he has carefully built over the past 20 years. There is a careful and considered attitude and approach to each and every decision - no matter how large or small - and this reflects in the spirit of the products he designs and creates.